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Bioequip :

Story of Bioequip

I was helping my close friend's brother to get better in one of his courses. He had to study to remember the names/functions/problems of laboratory equipment. His native language is not English and his exam was in English. Meanwhile,I was doing a part1 2022 course for a month and I try to see everything as image classification or NLP problems. So I could do at least one real-world project for this course. what if there is an app you can take a picture of equipment that gives you the name of the equipment, what is used for? a video on how to use it ?... Interesting. So I decided to build a lab equipment classification API. The most important part of the app. The rest is just frontend, backend and an expert makes a video. So I made this API. I am still tempted to build the whole thing one day. We will see.


Decided to build this as a builspace project S3

Tech Stack, tools, and skill sets library, Pytorch library,,, Python3, image classification, Paperspace website, Jupyter notebooks, Data Augmentation, and data cleaning. HTMl , CSS , Tailwindcss , Javascript

Smart Wiki :

Story of Smart Wiki

I was doing Harvard cs 50 web dev with python and javascript. Their second project is just building a simple Wikipedia. It was an interesting project for me to test my Django skill sets. So I did the following : I made a better design. The course emphasis is on the overall picture and backend (CRUD) with Django. They use bootstrap, I used Tailwindcss.Backend: They used Django function-based views, and I used class-based views. Implemented CRUD functionality, plus finding random wiki pages. I also implement a search. (It is one of the project requirements) I implemented sign-in, sign-out, and sign-up. I commented on the code so everyone can check it without sign-up or sign-in. I also use Javascript to implement voice recognition. So you can say what you want to write in the article instead of typing it. It won't work on safari browsers.It works on chrome pretty awesome. Working with API. I also host it in python everywhere cloud provider. I wanted to check their service.

Tech Stack, tools, and skill sets

Django 4,Django Template,Tailwindcss,Python3,Javascript,, Authentication, authorization, CRUD backend. Postgres database and web speech API.

NFT exchange Landing page :

Story of NFT exchange Landing page :

I wrote a simple landing page for a web 3 project with Tailwindcss. This was a freelancing project.

Tech Stack, tools, and skill sets

Tailwind css , design , html , icons , flexbox

FastAds :

Story of Bio lab

Tinsae Wondimu Techanea and I built this project on a weekend for the first online stable diffusion hackathon. We got 4th place among more than 740 participants. He contributed more than me.

Tech Stack, tools, and skill sets

Jypiter notebook,Stable Diffusion (diffusor),Transformer, Opencv, Pytorch,CLIPSegProcessor ,CLIPSegForImageSegmentation

FastAds dashboard UI :

Story of FastAds dashboard UI

I built a dashboard for the FastAds project.

Tech Stack, tools, and skill sets

Tailwindcss , design , html , icons , Grid , flexbox

My Blog :

Story of My Blog

My motivation for making this website are Jeremy Harvard and Rachal Thomas. Jeremy in his course emphasizes making a blog to document your process and write about technical stuff. I made this website after I finished part one of the course. However, I will be writing about part 2 of the course, projects I make, and other stuff that come to my mind (once in a while).Rachal Thomas also has an awesome blog post why you should have an active blog.

Tech Stack, tools, and skill sets

bootstrap, CSS, design, HTML, icons, quarto, Jupyter notebooks and google analytics, RSS feed, buy me a coffee website.

Vocabroad Newsletter/Website :

Story of vocabroad

I saw a tweet from Andrej Karpathy and felt it should be a newsletter/website that teaches people intermediate/advanced English vocabulary. Around that time, I was listening to the milkroad newsletter story in my first million podcast. I also have a love in my heart for languages. So I made

Tech Stack, tools, and skill sets

Substack, HTML, CSS, google analytics, RSS feed, Voice Memos, making a logo, design, Facebook page, Twitter, youtube channel.

Mydopeideas :

Story of Bio lab

I saw the website. It is very simple and neat. I decided to create Mydopeideas (Not the same). He put his front-end projects there. Highly recommend you check his website. I put all of my projects there. Frontend, Backend, APIs, Personal website, etc.

Tech Stack, tools, and skill sets

Tailwindcss, google analytics, Netlify, bash script, SVGs